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Cat Hampurr Product Awards 2015!

Looking back over the 12 boxes we have sent out through 2015 brings back a lot of great memories, we certainly enjoyed all the great pictures, videos and comments we received throughout the year.

This time last year we published a post containing the most highly rated products in 2014 (as voted for by subscribers) and we’re going to do exactly the same for 2015. This year we shipped over 50 different products to subscribers, all hand-picked by the Cat Hampurr team and tested by our own crack team of product testers (cats!).

After every Cat Hampurr delivery we ask subscribers to rate each product on a scale of 1 to 6 (best) based on the reaction of their kitty. We’ve collated the thousands of responses we received and compiled the definitive list of the products our subscribers loved the most last year. We’ve also selected the Cat Hampurr box which received the highest overall score!

Non catnip toys

This year we split our toys into 2 categories, this one for non catnip…and another for toys including catnip. It didn’t seem fair to pit the two types against one another as the toys which include catnip have a clear advantage! That said, the winner of this category was extremely popular with subscribers and out scored many of the catnip toys making it one of the most popular products we’ve ever included…and it nearly didn’t happen!

Winner – The Flying Frenzy


The Flying Frenzy toy was included in our April box and was an instant hit with subscribers, it’s actually one of Kooki’s favourite toys too and we have a couple here at Hampurr HQ. It took a little longer than expected to get The Frenzy into the Hampurr’s as the wand part of the toy is way to long to fit into our standard box. We persevered however and worked with the makers to create a custom size wand specifically for our subscribers, one of the first exclusive toys we included in 2015.

What you said:

  • “Very much enjoyed playing with this and so did my cats”
  • “He was a little bit sad when I put it away”
  • “Lyra can not get enough of this toy and it looks like it will last a while”

Catnip toys

Catnip toys are always extremely popular with our subscribers and make up the majority of the top 10 slots for our product ratings. A Hampurr wouldn’t be complete without at least one catnip toy, and even our boxes are infused with catnip before they leave Hampurr HQ!

Winner – Yeowww Stinkies


Certainly one of Kooki’s favourites the Stinkies proved popular that they are the first every toy which we have featured in two consecutive Hampurrs. These little fish shaped parcels pack a real catnip punch, by far some of the strongest selling of all the toys we have featured over the past 12 months….it’s all in the name!

What you said:

  • “She LOVED this”
  • “My cats can’t get enough of this toy”
  • “He’s in love with this toy and can’t leave it alone even days later which is unusual.”


Another highlight of the Hampurr each month is the yummy treats we source from directly from some of the highest quality brands available to the UK. We are always looking for something a little different with our treats, new textures, interesting smells and of course a great taste! Even though we class these as “treats” we still aim to deliver high meat content, and as few nasties as possible.

Winner – Applaws tuna loin


The winner quite aptly is indeed something a little different than your standard kitty kibble, the Applaws Tuna loin had your cats licking their whiskers and asking for more, and that’s ok because in the April box we included 2 of these natural and wholesome treats!

What you said:

  • “This is without a doubt their fav!”
  • “her favourite thing”
  • “amazing solid meat product. cat loves them so much!”

Dry Food

Dry food is another staple product in the Hampurr’s and again we are very picky about the quality of the ingredients used. Over all there were 8 different dry food brands included in 2015, ranging from 100 gram samples to full size 400g gram bags!

Winner – Meowing Heads and ATTU


A joint winner in this category, Meowing heads and ATTU! Both extremely well deserved winners as the overall scores were higher than many of the treats we include, not bad for something they can tuck into everyday! Meowing heads have been a favourite brand with us for a long time, ATTU on the other hand are extremely new to the market and Cat Hampurr subscribers were able to sample the goodies before most of the UK!

What you said:

  • “She loved it and so healthy!!!!!”
  • “We started her on them the very next day and she absolutely loved them.”
  • “Devoured it as soon as I put it down.”

Wet Food

The second food category in the line-up this year wet food is always a tricky one for us here at Hampurr HQ and the kitties subscribed to Cat Hampurr always keep us on our toes to find the absolute best. Again 8 different brands of wet food were included throughout 2015, in both single serving tins and pouches.

Winner – Applaws Chicken and Pumkin


Another win for Applaws as their Chicken and Pumpkin wet food came out top of the list with our subscribers. This yummy food was featured in our special edition Halloween themed Hampurr (of course!) and was very well received by kitties…and also one of our subscriber hedgehogs!

What you said:

  • “Big hit, had to buy more”
  • “They are very Fussy Eaters and like it, they really enjoyed it”

We’d love to know what your kitties favourite products were!

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