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Pawbo Review


We’ve been trying out the Pawbo UK pet camera at Cat Hampurr HQ!

As cat lovers, we’ve all been there – you’re at work, you’re out for the day or you’re on holiday, and you want to see what your cats are up to!

The Pawbo camera makes this possible, and there’s other great features too – but let’s start from the top.


Set up is very simple:

  1. Plug in the Pawbo, and position it where you’ll get the best view.
  2. Download the Pawbo Life app (Android or iOs).
  3. Make sure your mobile device is connected to WiFi, and follow the steps in the app to complete installation.



You’re now ready to go! When you access your Pawbo, it plays a doorbell chime which lets your cats know you’re calling in. Our cats got used to this and would approach the camera when they heard the noise. You can hear the doorbell, and any other noise via the Two-Way Talk. If you want to speak to your cats, you hold down the microphone icon on the screen and talk!



Possibly our cats’ favourite feature was the Treat Dispenser! There’s a detachable tray within the Pawbo unit that you pull out, fill with treats and slot back in. The tray is split into 9 segments, and your cat gets a portion every time you press the treat icon on your screen. This is a great way to spoil your cat when you’re not there and ours seemed to love it!



We also had great fun with the Light Pointer. Our cats have always been fans of laser pointers, so it was exciting to find that there was an integrated pointer in the Pawbo unit. You can select an Auto game, where the pointer randomly moves around the room, or you can Manually control the pointer using a wheel on your screen.



We used the integrated Snapshot and Video features to collect the pics and videos in this review. The quality of your image is dependent on your internet connection: if you’re accessing your Pawbo via a strong Wifi signal, you get a clear video image. If you’re accessing via weak 4G, you will lose some of that quality, but it’s still reasonable. While we were using the Pawbo on holiday, we usually checked in while on Wifi anyway.

There’s also several inbuilt ‘Ringtones’ in the Pawbo unit, to get your cat’s attention. We went with a chirping bird sound, as they seemed to respond well to that!



There’s a few other features of the Pawbo that we didn’t use, but are worth mentioning:

  • Multiple Best Friends (Allows up to 8 users to chat with your pet through Pawbo at one time)

This may be useful if you want family and friends to be able to check in via the Pawbo too.

  • Pawbo Family (Remotely operated accessories bringing more interaction to you and your pets)

You can purchase accessories, such as the Pawbo Catch pictured below, which link up to the unit and can be controlled via your app. We didn’t try one of these, but it looks like a fun idea!



The only disadvantages we found to the system were the connection quality, and the lack of night vision. We mentioned connection quality previously, and if you’re logged on to strong Wifi you should have no issues. Anything less and image quality will deteriorate, but that is to be expected really as you’re streaming HD video.

With regards to night vision, we tried out a Pawbo+ unit and unless you have a light or lamp come on in the evening, you won’t be able to see. The camera, as is, does not have night vision. However, you can purchase a separate part called the Pawbo Flash which addresses this issue. It slots on to the top of the Pawbo unit and provides light which adjusts depending on the level of darkness. You can also buy as a bundle (a Pawbo + a Pawbo Flash).


Overall, we were impressed with the Pawbo system. Even when you have cat sitters or family checking in for you and providing updates, it’s still great to be able to see for yourself and have a bit of interaction with your pets. You’d video call your friends, so why not your cats?!

It was very easy to set up, which is always a bonus, and the interface was very simple to use.

We loved that we were able to play with our cats using the light pointer, and loved being able to dispense treats – this was probably their highlight too!

As well as being able to check in on your furry companion, there’s a lot of awesome features included in the Pawbo system and we’d recommend.



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