What's in the box - November 2014 | Cat Hampurr
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What's in the box – November 2014

Welcome to your November Hampurr …….

This month we are delivering a Hampurr full of fish, chicken and catnip along with some flashing lights & airborne entertainment to celebrate bon fire night!

We’re loving all the photos, videos and excellent feedback you’ve been sharing with us, thank you very much.  There’s nothing quite like seeing happy kitties so please keep them coming. Don’t forget to fill in the survey below and let us know which items your cat liked most!

This month you will find the following in your Cat Hampurr ….

Meowing Heads | Complete wet food | Gone Fishin’ & Drumstix| x2 85                              

New from Meowing Heads we bring you their gently streamed pots of goodness!  Made with  90% meat / fish, minerals and oils this complete wet food will satisfy any appetite.  Once opened these pots smell and look truly yummy… Kooki said they taste good too!  We’ve included the two varieties so your kitty can sample both flavours.

Thrive |Complete dry food| Chicken & Salmon & Herring| x2 50 

To complement the wet food we’ve added a bit of crunch with these little tubs of complete dry food from Thrive.  Like their treats this dry food is the healthy choice as they contain over 90% chicken / 70% fish, vet approved and nutritionally complete. Free from cereals, soya, wheat, rice, artificial colours / flavours, preservatives and genetically-modified ingredients and a good source of Omega 3.  As well as being healthy on the inside these are great for keeping your kitties teeth healthy and strong (those kitties need good strong teeth to tackle all their toys!). Again, we have included the two varieties so your kitty can sample both flavours.

Natures Menu| Treats| 95% Chicken & Liver | 60g                                         

The first of our treats this months are the yummy meaty treats from Natures Menu.  These meaty treat are a winner with Kooki and they contain 95% real meat and they are free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. These are one of the guilt free healthy treats you can spoil your kitty with.

Thrive | Freeze Dried Cat Treats| 100% tuna | 25g                                                                                                         

Next up we have another one of Kooki’s favourites, those healthy treats from Thrive.  This time we have included their tuna treats and they really do pack some punch!  These treats are literally 100% Tuna, 0% Nonsense.  Freeze-dried to lock in the goodness, no added sugar and a source of high quality protein which will keep your cat happy and in optimum health

Animal Instincts| Catnips Funky Fish Toy                                 

No Cat Hampurr would be complete without a toy!  This month we have included the Catnip filled funky fish with a flashing tail.  Not only can your kitty pounce, fight, carry and bite this fish, it also makes an engaging bleeping sound for maximum fun & engagement.  This toy had Kooki entertained for hours.

Cosmic Catnip| Catnip Bubbles                                  

To celebrate bonfire night (without the loud bangs) we have included a little ‘airborne entertainment’ in the form of pure catnip oil, non-toxic bubbles.  Fun to play with these bubbles release a strong aromatic fragrance to drive cats wild!  As well as blowing the bubbles for your kitty to chase and pop we have found that adding a drop or two to their toys encourages them to play with them.

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