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Keeping Your Cat Safe on Bonfire Night

Bonfire night can be a traumatic night for cats, with the loud noises, risks from fire and trick or treaters all disrupting their normal routines and environment.

Help make it more enjoyable for your pet with our simple tips:

  1. Keep your cat indoors – it’s a simple solution and we think the safest, keep them warm and indoors and close wFatty_watching_himself_on_TVindows, doors & curtains
  2. Keep plenty of cat toys and treats around to distract them from what’s happening outside
  3. Make a safe hiding place for your cat to run to, this might be a bed they already have or a new space made from cushions and pillows
  4. Put on the TV or play music to help block out all the strange whizzes and bangs from fireworks

Subscribing to Cat Hampurr of treating your cat with a one off Cat Gift Box is a great way to keep your cat entertained and discover new brands of food, toys and treats.

The stimulation of new taste, smells and play can help cats though stressful times like bonfire night, a house move or a new family member.

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