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Visiting our first ever Cat Cafe!

People often tell us that we have one of the best jobs in the world and we have to agree, sourcing, supplying and testing (playing with) the best kitty food, treats and of course toys is amazing fun. Yesterday however we met a whole bunch of people who undoubtedly can top that, the wonderful staff at Kitty Cafe in Nottingham! Kate and her team spend 8 hours a day, 7 days a week in the presence of 26 beautiful cats in the most relaxing of settings, for the customers at least, we’re sure a lot of hard work goes into thisĀ behind the scenes!


Daisy proving it’s not at all relaxing behind the scenes….

Kitty Cafe has recently opened its doors and being only an hour away from Hampurr HQ naturally we couldn’t wait to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about. As we tuned into Friar Lane in the centre of Nottingham the Cafe was made obvious by the gathering of adoring shoppers pressed up at the window in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the feline inhabitants. There was a mixture of delight, wonder and confusion on their faces, in pretty much equal measure.


We entered the Cafe through an “air lock” type system designed to keep the kitties safe inside and were greeted by Kate and another team member both wearing very stylish cat ear headbands which had been kindly donated by another visitor earlier in the day. As you might expect we didn’t arrive empty handed, we brought along an April box as a little gift for the kitties (see video Kate shot later in the day below)


Minnie even brightened up this orange sofa

Not long after arriving we were shown to our table and ordered refreshments (hot chocolate and a generous slice of cake) before wondering off in search of cuddles. Although you are allocated a table on arrival you are encouraged to wonder the cafe, made up of 2 large open plan rooms to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and to spy on the cats who have free reignĀ over both areas. Ā The rooms are decorated with vibrant colours and the furniture extremely lavish, cats roam (and sleep) above our heads on walkways meaning they can easily escape the attention should they wish. That said there is plenty of space at ground level, each table, chair and sofa is placed at such a distance there is ample room for people and felines alike to feel completely at ease.


Sylvester relaxing on a 3 fat cats Chaise Longue

We really (really!) enjoyed our visit to Kitty Cafe and will definitely be visiting again in the near future. Not only is the Cafe a great place to unwind and chat with other cat lovers it’s also acts as a rescue and adoption centre. Many of the cats are rescues and most can be re-homed by people willing to go through the quite rigorous 2 month process. We’d like to thank Kate and the team for making us feel really welcome and we hope the cafe residents approve of the Hampurr.

We’d love to hear your experiences with a Cat Cafe near you in the comments below. If you have the opportunity to visit Kitty Cafe Nottingham then make sure you bookĀ over on their websiteĀ first, at least 10 disappointed people were turned away in the hour we spent there.


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