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Gifts and Treats for cats. Subscription Boxes and Gift Boxes for Cats lovingly prepared using the best cat toys and treats and your favourite brands.
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Review Hampurrs going down a treat!

As part of the preparation for launching Cat Hampurr we have sent out a small number of packages to the press, bloggers and other cat lovers all over the country! We’ve did this for three major reasons:

  • First of all to gather feedback and on the products we are including in the Hampurrs to ensure they’re as good as we think they are.
  • Secondly to test our processes here in the office and to fine tune the logistics of shipping a large quantity of boxes on a single day (The boring bit)
  • Thirdly to generate a little positive exposure for what is a very unique service

Each pre launch Hampurr we sent out was completely unique and the recipient had no idea what they contained, we wanted them to enjoy the surprise element our subscribers will be having!

We wanted to use this post to catalogue some of the great feedback (and cute picture) we’re being sent!

Freya Cat


Box Contents

Fish4cats Finest fish dinners for cats Salmon 400g
Thrive 100% chicken treats 25g
3 Yarrah Adult chew stick treats
2 Jolly Moggy Sisal Catnip Sisal Balls
1 BecoBowl Eco-friendly Cat food bowl
1 sample packet of Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care



“It came in a nice box with Cat Hampurr on it! and here’s a funny story! –

When it arrived, Daddycat was out so the post office left a note to collect it. But it was addressed to Freya, Teego and Chatzi, so Daddycat had to explain why he didn’t have a Bank Card for Freya, Teego or Chatzi when he got to the post office to collect it! It even made the grumpy man at the counter smile!!

I think if you’re looking for an unusual present for a cat family, or something original to treat your own cats with, it looks like a great product for £16, or £12 if you subscribe.”

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 Let The Cat Out of The Bag


Box Contents 

4 Lily’s Kitchen cat food foil tray
A Kitty & Co flower teaser
Bio-Organic  Yarrah cat chew sticks x2
Wickedly Raw Superfoods food supplement
Oggy quick fix dry foaming pet shampoo


“Each product in the Hampurr is sourced with quality in mind and I found that I had never even seen some of the products I received which made it even better. It felt as if they had done real research and not put stuff in there which can be picked up from any old shop.

And the cats LOVED it!”
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